Some of our best reviews with our clients

Nise and Aron are the best well behaved little highland calves I have ever had. They are so sweet. They have settled in very fast and very well. They enjoys being in the ranch, we travel a lot and we don’t have to bother because they are well taken care of by their career we hired. I will send you some pictures and videos of them running around in my backyard. The backyard is big enough for them as you suggested. They love my son and my two dogs. Thank you very much for this dream come true. Proud owner of two Mini Highlands.

Jance / Facebook

I really love how you guys handle your clients. You make sure you listen and understand the characteristics a client want in a calf and make sure the client get the kind of calf that matches that same description. You are so patient, super friendly and non pressuring to your client. Fell in love with one of your calves but my wife and I just had a baby girl lol, I cant take care of two babies. I would highly recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a Miniature Highland Cows. Keep up the good work.

Ally / Facebook

You guys were extremely professional and I could tell you were definitely passionate about your cows. I’m very happy with my baby. It’s only been a couple of days but her little personality not to mention her cheekiness is already showing. I was already like a proud mom yesterday, taking photos to show my family and friends. I will definitely recommend Miniature Highland Cows to anyone who is looking to buy a Miniature Highland cow. In fact, I’ve already sent your website link to a few people I know who are looking for Miniature Highland cow