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We breed and sometimes sell beautiful small cattle. Some are registered full blood and purebred stud cattle. Some are just beautiful small cattle. We breed gentle paddock pets, show ring performers and Animal Assisted Therapy co-workers. Our cattle are all small; they are all cute, and they are all very, very user-friendly. We walk among our herd and handle our miniature cattle several times a day, every day.

Our miniature cattle are an environmentally friendly, attractive, easy-care addition to any property. You can even adopt a calf if you like! All cow adopters are invited to visit and enjoy cow cuddling.

our miniature cattle

If you are looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor – we have some!  Perfect for cow cuddling, our beautiful, small cattle are born and bred for first-time cattle owners, by first-time cattle owners.

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most miniature cattle 

If you are a small acreage owner, and you are looking for small cattle that will further enhance your lifestyle, then most miniature cattle breeds are well worth considering.

Most miniature cattle are perfect if you want cattle that:

1. Need less expensive infrastructure. (Less wear and tear on your wallet)

2. Are environmentally friendly. (Less wear and tear on your land.)

3. Are smaller and, therefore, easier to handle. (Less wear and tear on you.)